52 Weeks of Online Guidance for Yoga, Meditation & Self Discovery
  • Yoga Postures

    *Increased flexibility, stress-relief & well-being

    *Practice in the privacy of your own home

    *Acquire a flexible practice when traveling

    *Flexible schedule

    *Learn basic alignment principles, modifications, and variations

    *Video modules of practices

  • Breathwork

    *Increased breathing efficiency

    *Increased stamina

    *Deep relaxation & stress-relief

    *Better circulation

  • Meditation

    *Guided meditations & creative visualizations

    *Increase focus

    *Improve concentration


    *Present moment awareness

    *Inner peace

  • Self-Discovery

    *Journaling exercises



    *Work at your own pace

Live Your Yoga Now!

Enhance Your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being through Daily Yoga, Meditation & Self-Discovery Techniques In The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Do any of the following experiences sound all too familiar:

*Do you currently feel ‘stressed-out’ or overwhelmed?

*Do you lack energy and stamina, or even memory-retention?

*Are you looking outside of yourself for the answers to your daily questions?

*Do you struggle to make it to yoga class on a regular basis?

*Even though you may have a strong exercise regimen, do you lack flexibility, stamina, speed and/or strength?

*Does your busy lifestyle allow for only limited time to nourish your body, mind and spirit?

*Is your location inconvenient to the nearest yoga studio?

*Is the thought of stepping into a yoga studio too intimidating?

*Do you wish you could practice when the time is convenient for YOU?

Is it time to feed your mind, body & spirit?  Are you ready to step into your role as a healthy, stress-free and creative YOU?  Then I hope you’ll start by joining me so you can get started TODAY!

You will experience:

Stress-Relief * Pain Relief * Flexibility * Better Breathing * Increased Strength * Weight Management* Mental Focus * Improved Circulation * Cardiovascular Conditioning * Inner Peace

All of this PLUS the flexibility and privacy of practicing and studying in your own home or take your practice with you when you travel!

The Results Will Inspire You!

-Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit.  Your guidance has been a blessing in my life. -Lisa H.-

For All Levels – Beginners to Advanced Students, Teacher Trainees and Teachers!


Whether you are a beginner who has yet to attend your first yoga class or a seasoned practitioner looking to incorporate and expand on your daily practice, Dharma will guide you through basic and intermediate postures including their benefits, contraindications, modifications and variations.  Each month you will receive instructional videos of a featured posture, beginning with the basics and periodic asana flow routines.

-I just have to tell you I feel absolutely AMAZING!!!  I wish everyone could feel as awesome as I do right now!!!  I feel so at peace, its crazy and one of the best feelings ever!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! What a release!!!! -Sarah W.-

Breathwork & Meditation

By incorporating breathwork and meditation into your daily routine, you will gain increased focus, mental clarity, and serenity.  Breathwork is Pranayama, which means life-force.  By cultivating, controlling and modifying the prana in the body, we cleanse the body of toxins and prepare the mind for meditation.  Techniques for meditation are simple, but keeping the mind focus takes time and patience.  Learn techniques you can use throughout your every day life.   Find a comfortable seat, and let’s begin!

-You have opened my eyes to the mind-strengthening attributes of yoga as well as the physical strengthening benefits. -Brenda L.-


Through Self-Discovery Exercises you will be encouraged to open your journal and begin to transform your life today!  Writing helps us move forward in our life, heal and discover our dreams.  Each week you will be given journaling tips, ideas and exercises that will make your daily practice easier in order to live with greater intention, harmony and balance and help discover our own innate wisdom.

-I just wanted to say thank you for being such an outstanding teacher.  I learned more in the four weeks than most people I know who’ve been going to classes for 6 months… Thank you for making me an addict. -Lori S.-


52-Weeks of Material including:

*Asana Practice Videos
*Asana/Posture Breakdowns & Benefits
*Asana How-To’s, Modifications, Variations & Contraindications
*Meditation & Creative Visualization Podcasts
*Breathwork Exercises & Podcasts
*Self-Discovery Journaling Exercises
*Live Your Yoga eBooks on Yogic Philosophy
*Bonus Materials including periodic checklists, articles, videos, podcasts and more!
*Weekly material broken down into asana, breathwork, meditation & journaling
*Content Received Each Week for 1 Year


    Thank you for all that you have given me.  I will always appreciate your inspiration and instruction in the art of yoga and everything it stands for.  Namaste. -Carol S.

     Hello Dharma, thank you for your unique approach to yoga practice at (studio). It was a privilege and a gift to be inspired so. My practice is renewed. Namaste. -Julie V.

     I have gained so much knowledge – I see yoga in a different light! -Michele R.

     You went into my gratitude journal—after trying several yoga studios when I moved here, I’m so happy that you opened a studio in Apex and that you’ve built a schedule that allows me to attend classes regularly.  I have felt a little Goldilocks-like in other studios— (studio) is too hot, (studio) was too cold (not spiritual enough), and (studio) was too far, and yours is “just right.”  You’ve got a good variety of teachers that I find each uniquely add depth to my personal practice and health and well being. -Meredith B.

     I can’t tell you how many months I’ve looked at your website and class schedule hoping to come in and meet you and take a class.  (My husband) said I would love it and he was absolutely right.  I really look forward to coming in more consistently and making yoga a bigger part of my life.  Thanks for all your help on Sunday especially with the handstand! -Debbie J.

     Kudos to you for the positive and highly informative weekend. You modeled quite well all you shared with us. You are an exceptional teacher and lovely, lovely human being… It was an honor to share the time with you.  It was all I hoped it would be and more. Thank you for opening your heart and allowing yourself to be used in such a meaningful way. -Beverly H.

Life’s A Journey, Travel In Style

Begin Your Journey Today!

52-Week Membership

Members receive access to weekly information including:

  • Monthly Asana Practice Videos
  • Asana/Posture Benefits, How-To’s, Modifications, Variations & Contraindications
  • Monthly Meditation & Creative Visualization Podcasts
  • Monthly Breathwork Exercises & Podcasts
  • Weekly Self-Discovery Journaling Exercises
  • Quarterly Live Your Yoga eBooks on Yogic Philosophy
  • Bonus Materials including periodic checklists, articles, videos, podcasts and more!

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